Angry Birds in spaaaaace beamed to fandroids by NASA

Vid We’ve had an Angry Bird star constellation. We’ve had Angry Bird toys on the International Space Station. Now we’re finally going to have Angry Birds in space on our mobiles. Finnish game-maker Rovio is unleashing the newest iteration of its world-dominating mobe game, Angry Birds Space, on March 22, according to the above video

Gareth Cliff spent time behind bars

Controversial 5FM radio personality Gareth Cliff spent several minutes in jail after he was caught speeding in Pretoria on Tuesday night. β€œI spent a couple of minutes behind bars, like a bad ass… but I was glad to be back home,” Cliff told Talk Radio 702 on Wednesday morning. Link to this post!

Lego space shuttle hits 114,000ft

  Those of you who are still mourning the end of the space shuttle programme should take heart that while NASA is currently grounded, we in Europe still have the Right Stuff: According to the video blurb, the Lego shuttle (model 3367) launched from central Germany on 31 December last year, and hit a heady

Raised First

Raised First Bio Having released 5 albums to rave reviews by both critics and fans alike have firmly cemented RAISED FIST as one of the premier hardcore/cross over bands in the world. The band started up in -93, in LuleΓ₯, Sweden, and has since that worked their way up the ladder to major success. RAISED