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Having released 5 albums to rave reviews by both critics and fans alike have firmly cemented RAISED FIST as one of the premier hardcore/cross over bands in the world. The band started up in -93, in Luleå, Sweden, and has since that worked their way up the ladder to major success. RAISED FIST has always chosen their own path up this ladder. They have done it with total integrity and 100% confidence. They never had any doubts as they knew they had the talent, the product and the confidence to deliver it!    

With tours all over the world the band have conquered territories one at the time. With their powerful, ecstatic live performances people just can’t help falling over.

“The fans dispersed in a sea of sweat and smiles, having just witnessed one of the most energetic live performances you could see.” – Faster Louder

With 5 strong studio albums and a few EP’s Raised Fist have proven that they are fantastic songwriters as well as musicians. Together with their long time friend, and producer, Daniel Bergstrand the band have developed a unique and almost perfect sound.

RAISED FIST is the band other bands follow and fans love! Be sure not to ever miss out on a chance to catch the band!

Ref : http://www.raisedfist.com/

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