Microsoft Pays $3 to Set Bing as The Default Search Engine!

is going all out and doing everything humanly possible to eat into Google’s search market share. Google dropped by 1% in the month of June as Yahoo and  gained .6% each. Though the drop cannot be directly tied to Bings aggressive marketing tactics just based on 1 months results, it would be interesting to see if the trend continues.

is currently paying $3 to anyone who decide to set as their default search engine. The company has tied up with where users can donate the $3 they earn by switching to .

So here is how it works..

  • Visit Search With Purpose
  • Click on the “Choose  and Donate” button
  • Click “Upgrade” or “Add” on the popup that alerts you of the new search engine being added
  • Enter your e-mail address to receive the donation code.
  • Go to once you receive the code in the e-mail to donate to any of the projects listed on the site.

This method of switching from your current search engine to  works on FireFox and IE but does not work on Chrome. You are prompted to enter your e-mail address when “Choose  and Donate” is clicked and the code is sent as soon as you enter the e-mail address without changing the search engine preference.

You can tell that the program is working and quite a few people are switching from their current search engine to as the donation amount went up by $3-4k since the post was published this morning.

Google is gained such popularity that people simply won’t try a new alternative even if it’s better. In such cases I think initiatives such as this are totally justified just to get people to try the new technology.

You can always switch back if you don’t like what you see on . Click here to visit Search With Purpose and swtich to .

What do you think, is donating $3 to a school project worth giving  a try?

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