Deftones Thai Fans Riot After Gig is Cancelled (Video)

Deftones fans went completely bezerk after the Grammy-winning American rock band called off their Tuesday’s show at a Bangkok stadium claiming the arena’s electrical power was unsafe, reports AP.

A few hundred fans “started throwing bottles at the stadium building, breaking windows and vandalizing tents and beer booths outside the venue. Some of the tents were set on fire,” said police Lt. Tawatchai Jongyingcharoen.

Nobody was injured or detained.

Early Wednesday, the Deftones posted an apology on their website and Facebook page.

“Due to local power issues that threatened the safety of the band and their fans, Deftones were forced to cancel their show last night at the Thunderdome in Bangkok, Thailand. Deftones would like to apologize to those that were inconvenienced and hope to return to Thailand in the near future. Refund info to follow soon,” the band said.

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